Get Paid

to Live Healthy

 Get Paid to Live Healthy allows you to get the purest products for free and earn more money while empowering others do to the same therefore enjoying better health, more friendships & more money

You search out safe, pure, affordable and non-toxic household products for you and your family.  You also care about where these products are sourced and the global friendly practices with the artisans who farm the ingredients.

 Pursuing pure product, pure practices and pure relationships is what dōTERRA is about. 

See how it works in this 6 minute video

How does it work?

You are already buying the products anyway so you might as well be getting paid for it. Redirect the funds you are already spending on your household and personal care products to choose from the large variety of pure products offered by dōTERRA. 

Who is dōTERRA?

dōTERRA sources the highest quality grade essential oils and infuses them into their pure products to create a more effective, safe, and non-toxic household solution. dōTERRA's mission is to empower communities globally who source their products creating income for families around the world. Through their Co-Impact sourcing, they partner with local farmers offering on time & fair payments for their care of the plants. Learn more about this incredible partnership in this 2 minute video. 

Essentials Oils

Take care of your personal and family health care needs by adding essential oils into your daily routine. Essential oils support digestive, mental, emotional health, respiratory and immune system functions and much more. 


Weight management products, supplements, protein drinks, green drinks, fiber and other nutritional products to boost your health and fitness levels. 

Personal Care

dōTERRA offers non-toxic solutions such as deodorants, lotions, hair care, body scrubs, face care, and other top of the line spa products for all your personal care needs. 


Laundry detergent, soaps, & all purpose cleaners infused with the purest plant ingredients safe for your home and health.