Self love

"How Can You Love if You Don't Love Yourself?"

Social DOne aspect of overcoming depressive or angry emotions is learning self-love. Why is it so hard to love ourselves in this life? The rock band Social Distortion put it best in their Lyrics "how can you love when you don't love yourself?" The message in this song talks about being on a path of self-destruction and blaming others for their circumstances, all because of lacking self-love. I have gone through my own journey of self-love after growing up with an abusive step-father for many years of my childhood.  Nowadays this is very common and as many of us go through degrading circumstances, it is still up to us to develop self-love and allow those circumstances to become an advantage rather than a disadvantage for us in life. Each of us are uniquely divine and have a distinct purpose in this life.  Many circumstances, people, or even negative self chatter will try to convince us that we are not of worth, but it is simply not true.  We are the only ones who can make the choice to believe in our worth and love ourselves.  When I have moments where I am believing self-defeating thoughts, I ask myself why do I want to believe these right now? How are they serving me? Obviously they aren't serving us in a healthy way, but yes, there are psychological reasons we hold onto these lies that serve us even in a unhealthy way so I think it is important to acknowledge and be aware of them, and as weird as it may sound, thank them for giving you something to learn from.  The only way we can change our patterns, is by knowing even what they are, why, and then we can make the choice to stop buying into defeating experiences and thoughts so that we can be on a path of self-love. When we can accept and love ourselves, even our challenges, mistakes, and our growth path, then we put ourselves in a space to love, accept, and be at peace with others.  The ultimate feeling we want to attain in this life is love, genuine love for ourselves, and others around us and this is the key to true happiness.

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